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Damage Over Time Roblox. SummaryOverviewNojo is a hero based on Gojo from the anime series called Jujutsu Kaisen He can be bought at the shop for 1600 Text under.

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Wither (R) – Slice forward leaving a damage over time debuff on hit Lost Soul (T) – Create a tear in the dimension that creates a portal that will lock an enemy within it with chains and stun them Soul Consumption (Y) – Point at a target and steal their soul This increases your damage and causes you to glow purple.

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A clown mask with a roblox head behind it E you should fulgari and everyone within 5 meters of you is binded in tight rope which deals damage over time but slows your movement for a bit R Incendio tria you shoot blue fire at the target and they are dealt burn damage for a bit.

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Kodotoki is a hero based on Todoroki from the series Boku no Hīrō Akademia He can be bought at the shop for 1600 Kodotoki is a good character to use due to his massive AoE range and insane damage over time His skills also have high reach range However he has long cool downs and most of his moves have high endlag leaving you vulnerable to the enemies.

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The first one allows time to slow down allowing you to deal precise hits or dodges While the second one shoots a barrage of knives at the target enemy dealing up to 90 points of damage The knives on the last move have a wide range which may serve as a type of AoE and the damage is really high with relatively low cooldown of only 10s.

Roblox Critical Expedition Best Builds Guide Roblox

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lua Roblox, damaging a player upon contact with a part

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“A very deadly blade The poison can deal a massive amount of damage over time” Info The Spider Sword is a melee weapon dropped by Servants of Hades in the Dungeon Abilities This weapon has a unique ability to deal “poison” damage to enemies.

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