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How To Disable Shadows Roblox. Go to “Lighting” and just remove the sun texture if you want to remove the sun There still will be light just no sun 2 level 1 _Dog_Food_ 2y ????2016 Player???? In the properties panel you can disable shadows for a brick Do a Ctrl + A then disable the shadows.

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Here are some things I just tried 1) If I turn off the shadow setting on the lamp it is still there on the arrows 2) I just tried moving the lamp around and it does change the positioning of the shadows but it looks even weirder with the lamp in other places $\endgroup$ –.

How to get rid of shadowy texture on objects? Stack Exchange

I wanna disable shadows But i wanna disable it ingame i dont wanna disable it with studio Lowering graphics doesn’t work either So how can i disable shadows entirely? DISCLAIMER I made this post just so i can get answers on how to disable the shadows on roblox ENTIRELY I don’t wanna disable shadows with studio since it will only disable Top responses.

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This update also introduced the ShadowSoftness setting (exclusive to ShadowMap) where the shadows‘ opaqueness can be adjusted Parts also received a new property called CastShadow which toggles shadows for an object on or off (available on all lighting modes) The distance at which these shadows appear also depend on quality level however for quality levels 1 & 2.

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And Is It As Easy As Disabling Shadows In Lighting You can set the player’s parts’ Transparency to 1 or turn off CastShadows on them It’s a bit of a workaround but yes it’s possible & a bit simple You could just reference this in a LocalScript inside StarterCharacterScripts thru looping all of the Character’s Objects & checking Mar 17 2021Jan 04 2021Nov 29 2020Mar 29 2020.

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Hi again XD There’s a game I want to disable all shadows the game is “How to survive” but this game uses an archive named “logtxt” Helixmod uses an archive with the same name so this game can’t start with helixmod’s debug mode because the game can’t find its “logtxt”Jun 18 2008.

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