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Making A Model Move Like An Npc Building Support Devforum Roblox how to move a model roblox
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Use the Move Scale Rotate Transform Material and Color tools to make your part look better and like what you want it to be Please make sure that you make the part as real as possible so your model can be more advanced The move tool will allow you to move the part by scratching the 2 lines which moves the part upwards and left/right.

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A simple two part Model is created and its PrimaryPart is set An large obstruction part is placed next to it After 5 seconds ModelMoveTo is used to direct the model to move inside the obstruction part However as MoveTo will not move a model inside of an obstruction the Model is moved up on the Y axis and placed above the obstruction.

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define two Positions local startPosition = Vector3new(20 10 0) local endPosition = Vector3new(0 10 0) create a simple model at the startPosition local model = Instancenew(“Model” gameWorkspace) local part1 = Instancenew(“Part”) part1Size = Vector3new(4 4 4) part1Position = startPosition part1Anchored = true part1BrickColor =.

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Making A Model Move Like An Npc Building Support Devforum Roblox

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You have two methods You can use the MoveTo command on the model to move it with respect to collision You can weld all of the parts of the model together and then move any one part using CFrame This dosen’t abide by part collision and can cause your model to go flying if you put it where there’s already bricks 4.

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