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Classes are sorted into 6 separate groups Basic Advance Elite Master Special and Gamepass Basic Classes are the first classes that are available so they are widely used by beginners with very basic but good attacks It is often mislead that basic classes are the worst However these classes are very easy to understand and use Advance Classes gives much more of a variety.

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Critical Strike Class types and Gamemodes Points and Tokens CS News Class Info Layout Tokens Shop Delivery Drone.

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i knew i would dieCritical Strike https//webrobloxcom/games/111311599/OldUpdateCRITICALSTRIKEv415ROBLOX Profile | https//webrobloxcom/users/1.

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Welcome This is the definitive wiki for the ROBLOX game Critical Strike by EpicCriticalCritical Strike is a battlearenatype game where players select from a massive roster of 71 different classes each with their own playstyles and participate in freeforall or teambased battles of various formats against one another This game was created on March 31st of 2013.

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Sort by best level 1 3 yr ago if you’re active among these “class fighting game” communities games like strife and black magic are among the most popular but are currently on hiatus and being reworked with the whole forcedFE ordeal and whatnot they’re subjectively way better then CS and you could wait a few months for their releases 2.

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