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Just A Bit Crazy Roblox. this is part one of 2 videos (part 2 soon to come) where i show off my best roblox plane crazy vehicles mainly planes tbh my first today i decided to show some of my most epic builds hope you guys liked it discord discordgg 7jhev3n patreon so i finally showcased some of my friends builds they’re pretty damn epic if i’d say so hope you think.

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The crazy or mean father and the various kids with strange quirks to them As for what the characters are like that’s really up to dealer’s choice This could be in potentially any time era but I’m just a big fan of the victorian era and think this would be neat in that one too Anyways there’s something a bit more odd about this family.

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ObliviousHD (Real name Matt) is a main character on ObliviousHD He is based off of the animator and creator of the show He appears in the thumbnail of “JUST A BIT ROBLOX (Just a bit crazy remake)” but makes no actual appearance in it He wears a red shirt light brown pants has brown hair has two swords behind ObliviousHD is the founder of the group “ObliviousHD.

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Hello fellow programmers I am trying to work something out I have a almost square torso for the startercharacter But the problem here is that if you dash (makes you go with speed see in the vid) and half of the torso touches a part it will flip around like crazy Here’s a script i made (it doesn’t work) Can somebody help me fix this problem?.

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Roblox games need more ais than usual But right now its just a project i wanna do BuiIdTheBuilder (SiberianDev) January 22 2022 1225pmFeb 03 2022Jan 06 2022.

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