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Kick Player Vip Server Roblox. Kick a player and prevent them from rejoining until the server shuts down This command has the same effect that votekicking does just without the process of voting to kick someone /hardkick player player The player you want to hard kick from your server Kick Kick a player out of the server They can rejoin after they have been kicked /kick player.

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I kicked someone from a private ROBLOX server as a joke not knowing it wouldn’t let them rejoin I wish to unkick that person from my private ROBLOX server but I don’t know if it’s possible If anyone knows a way to allow them to play on my server again thanks.

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The host would have the ability to kick an player As a Roblox Streamer I get trolls and hackers that come into the servers that takes up room and ruins the fun There should be a option to kick people from a VIP server after all you did pay for it Some games have already implemented their own GUIs for VIP servers that enable kicking but as a universal feature I agree that it would be.


In this video I will teach you how to kick people from your VIP server in KAT If you found this video helpful please leave a like and subscribe for more KA.

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Vote Kick is a feature in R2DA and was also a feature in R2D 2014 It was originally added to R2DA in v082 for Guests only Due to ROBLOX‘s removal of Guests it was made redundant during v103 This was reused after v115 when it was readded to be used on any player in a VIP Server where it is enabled Before v115 instead of the option to kick normal players it only.

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Title HOW TO KICK PLAYER OUT OF THE VIP SERVER | JAILBREAK | ROBLOXYou Have To Be The VIP Owner To Kick Player’s )Jailbreak Description MAJOR changes.

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