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Roblox Magic Worms Real Game Invidious magic worm roblox
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The game Magical Worms is all about adopting worms (also referred to as Snooks by some Grocery Gang members such as Fiddlepat) There are 5 types of worms Normal worm Just a normal worm Says “ADOPT ME!” “WOW THANK” “WE GONNA BE THE BEST FRIENDS! 33333” Stud worm A worm made out of studs.

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DescriptionOverviewWalkthroughHistoryReferencesTHE SNOOKS ARE IN NATURAL SLEEP SCHEDULE HEY DAN! GRAB TEH CAMERA! WAIT DAN WHAT ARE YOU DOING DAN STOP DONT RUN TOWARDS THE WORMS YOU&#39LL WAKE THEM! DAN NO STOP DAN DAN NO NO DANNNN MAGICAL WORMS is a place where Grocery Gang worms called “Snooks” inhabit There&#39s a village where humans and worms can live Upon spawning the player spawns on a stone path with a row of houses next to it South of the spawn is multiple millionyearold trees play structures and colorful worms that yell “ADOPT ME!” The player can adopt a worm by holding out the leash in their inventory and clicking on a worm North of the spawn is a large beach Overlooking the beach is a small island where a tower that Fiddlepat owns called the “Tower Of Towernes” is situated The beach has three cart ride rails that go to a desertlike island One part of the desertlike island has a vending machine inside a hill On December 13 2019 Mrflimflam uploaded a video of him visiting MAGICAL WORMS to congratulate Fiddlepat for his engagement to 1_AD After Fiddlepat invites him to their wedding Mrflimflam adopts a blue worm and plays around with it Fiddlepat then shows him around MAGICAL WORMS.

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I know it’s short but I hope you enjoyed it.

Roblox Magic Worms Real Game Invidious

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