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Roblox Ai Lua. Hi I&#39m a beginner scripter and I&#39m trying to figure out how to use the Pathfinding service I&#39ve watch the Roblox tutorial and tried to get this working .

Roblox Deconstruction Gamerefinery roblox ai lua
Roblox Deconstruction Gamerefinery from

Hello I have been wondering how to make an AI for my Survival game doesn&#39t work because of the word in the Lua Code “pathParams”.

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i amconfused why my roblox ai pathfinding doesn't work : r/lua Reddit

Lua Learning is a place to interactively learn how to create and unlock your imagination! Learn how to make AI move with PathfindingService.

Roblox Deconstruction Gamerefinery

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This sounds like you&#39re trying to make some type of AI for an npc IDoLua (CantBeBothered) December 12 2019 112pm #15.

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