Roblox Cloned Objects Dont Keep Clientside Changes

Roblox Cloned Objects Dont Keep Clientside Changes. use a remote to clone the coil from the server side change the script that&#39s managing the coil to a local script 3 Likes Clonedgear in .

Remote Functions And Events roblox cloned objects dont keep clientside changes
Remote Functions And Events from

I take a clone from repstorage place that into the player and that clone acts as the item in game When the player unequips the item it gets .

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So I have this script that updates an npcs height with a value change but i cannot find the npc (which is cloned from replicatedstorage) .

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So i have a code that clones all objects from workspace and i want to move then to viewport frame but it keeps saying me that cloned .

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What do you want to achieve? Keep it simple and clear! I have a collection of tools that are each different but used for the same kind of .

Remote Functions And Events

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As Roblox changed this they wanted to make it easy for beginner DescendantAddedWait() end local ObjectClone = ObjectClone() .

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