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Roblox Enum.face. Relevant members (18) BasePartResize (normalId) BasePartresize (normalId) CoreGuiSetUserGuiRendering (faceId) FaceInstanceFace Feature.

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A NormalId is an enum for the 6 faces of a cube Suppose I have a part that is triggered by a touched event This script is in a projectile view source .

Custom enum for working with direction Community Resources

Something I find very strange is that &#39forward&#39 is defined as the negative Z direction in Roblox New part instances also have their .

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An enumeration (also called enum) is a data type that can take one of a set of values For example the SurfaceType enum is used to select what type of .

How to change the face of a surfacegui using a script? Scripting

See the Enum Index for a full list of enum types in Roblox In a script enums are accessed through a global object called Enum To get all of the EnumItem .

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face the Why does Vector3.FromNormalId(Enum.NormalId.Front)

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as a NormalId or Vector3 a touched part the face of How to get

2 surfaceguiFace = Top Face = EnumNormalId Roblox Characters Logos Images and Content are property of Roblox Corporation.

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