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Roblox Framed Luger. i got scammed!!!!!!.

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Badges is Roblox system Peacekeeper Congratulations! having successfully stopped 100 acts of espionage as the uniformed police force spies everywhere will fear your name Task Kill Framed 100 times as Police No Innocents You learned the hard way that showing your bright new loaded Luger to a Police officer doesn’t always end well Task Get killed by Police 1 time.

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Overview Every Framed has two targets The Framed needs to find and then kill their targets which will give them a new one Both of the Framed‘s targets also have them as a target meaning each target is also a hunter Each Framed needs to kill their targets while looking out for Police and Undercover Once there are 3 Framed left Police can be killed and the Framed can see.

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The Luger is a weapon in Framed! It is the default gun for Framed Double agents Hunted Man and Undercovers The gun’s model is based on the ROBLOX gear “Luger Pistol” which is found here[1] Rate of fire Slower Accuracy High Damage Surprisingly high Hitbox tolerant Very Tolerant Recoil Moderate Rage Inducing Sometimes Range High in controlled shots Rate of.

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Getting Scammed of of my red luger in Roblox MM2 YouTube

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There are a total of 15 achievements (also known as game badges) in Framed The Snipin’s a Good Job achievement is a reference to Meet the Sniper The I’m Not Even Mad achievement description is a reference to Roblox murder games The Mad Murderer Twisted Murderer and Murder Mystery The 1337 #@%0R achievement is Leetspeak for Elite Hacker.

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