Roblox How To Detect When Someone Gets In A Seat

Roblox How To Detect When Someone Gets In A Seat. What I&#39m trying to do is make the plane anchor when nobody is driving it but when someone sits in the driver&#39s seat it will unanchor .

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I`m trying to make a script so you cannot sit unless you are the owner of that seat Is there anything that can help me do that?.

Getting a seat to detect a player sitting and give the player's character

You can detect if player is sitting via the Occupant property which is set to the Humanoid of the sitting player or nil if no one is .

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If seatOccupant is nil then there&#39s no one seated destroy the Gui from the last player who sat Edit but two people can&#39t sit on the same .

How would I detect who is sitting in a seat and what seat

On the seat you can check if the Occupant property is nil If it isn&#39t nil then someone is sitting there As for not making them jump out .

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Finding a Player&#39s Seat local character = scriptParent local humanoid = characterWaitForChild(“Humanoid”) function onSeated(isSeated seat) if isSeated .

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