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How To Make A Working Keycard Door In Roblox Studio Easy Scripting Tutorial Joshplayz Youtube roblox key card doors
How To Make A Working Keycard Door In Roblox Studio Easy Scripting Tutorial Joshplayz Youtube from How To Make A Working Keycard Door In …

The Green Keycard Door appears in multiple chapters and is an event in Build Mode It requires the Green Keycard to open it It is a brown wooden door with a black wire connecting to a green keycardrequiring panel on the left Push the keycard into the keycard panel slot or click the panel while equipping up the keycard Red Keycard Door Blue Keycard Door Orange Keycard Door.

Roblox Scripting Tutorial How To Make A Keycard Door

0bhiiussfpdo M roblox studio keycard door script Roblox Debounce Tutorial By Alvinblox How To Make An Opening Door In Roblox Studio Youtube 4 How To Make An Overhead Gui Roblox Scripting Tutorial Key Card Door In Roblox 1 Door Setup Youtube How To Make A Keycard Door On Roblox Roblox Studio Keycard Door Youtube.

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Hello Roblox Developers! Today I decided to share my knowledge on how to make a Key Card door since many of the tutorials on YouTube either give links to models or show you how to make a CanCollide on/off door What will we use to achieve this? Tween Service Touched Events I know right! Only 2 simple concepts! Let’s get started by creating the door itself! FirstNov 12 2020Aug 07 2020Jul 17 2020May 27 2020.

How to make a Scp key card reaction door in roblox! YouTube

Keycard Clearence III (blue or key card 3) is a keycard that can be obtain by reaching officer rank or buying for robux The keycard level 3 can open ALL doors (expect for black doors) This keycard can open level 3 doors and lower There’s ONE door in border that opens Officer Room.

How To Make A Working Keycard Door In Roblox Studio Easy Scripting Tutorial Joshplayz Youtube

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