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Roblox Project Pokemon Map Of Routes. Discord Server https//discordgg/JS9ujW2It took so long to edit but it was worth it btw I said how you can’t get in the gym at viridian city well u need.

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These are all the routes in Project Pokémon Even the locations that are not classified as routes (MtMoon and Viridian Forest) are here (The pages are unorganized) Project Pokemon Wiki Explore Main Page Project Pokemon Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community View Mobile Site.

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Viridian Forest Directly down Route 2 Route 3 Directly right of the Pewter City PokeCenter Mt Moon Down Route 3 Route 4 Just outside Mt Moon Route 5 North of the Cerulean City PokeCenter Route 6 At the end of Route 5 there is a house with a teleport pad that takes you there Route 7 Past Route 11 and 12 left of the huge grass.

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project pokemon routes a guide threw al the routes and quick highlights i added music cause it takes about 30 minutes with quik run i added a rare find and v.

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Here is the list of all active and working codes – Electrified Exchange it for Eelektrik’s pokemon called Zap EvilSpirit Exchange it for a Gastly pokemon called ‘Spirit’ Stay Hydrated Exchange it for a Zangoose pokemon called ‘Cup of Water’ JustKeepSwimming Exchange it for a Chinchou pokemon called ‘Angler’.

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11 Working Roblox Project Pokemon Codes [February …

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26 rowsRoute 1 The Route north of Pallet Town ‘s Lab Route 2 The Route north of Viridian City and before Viridian Forest Route 3 The Route west of Pewter City and before Mt Moon Route 4 The Route after Mt Moon and before Cerulean City Route 5.

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