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Roblox Studio Overlap Parts. local torso = gamePlayersLocalPlayerCharacterTorso > change that to get the player’s torso however you want for i = 1 10 do > iterate (loop) from one to ten torsoCFrame = torsoCFrame + Vector3new (010) > I think that is what you’re looking for wait (1) end > go back to the top of the loop until i has reached 10 print (“done.

Worked On A Variable Plugin After Seeing The New Plugingui Roblox roblox studio overlap parts
Worked On A Variable Plugin After Seeing The New Plugingui Roblox from Variable' plugin after seeing …

ROBLOX How to make Bricks go Through Eachother [[[2015 ROBLOX STUDIO]]]By ROBLOXUndercover be sure to subscribe if you have the time.

Lag caused by Bricks vs. Unions. : roblox

This will turn the part translucent red meaning it will remove sections when combined with other parts Hold down CTRL on the keyboard and click both Walkway and the ShortWall part attached to it In the Model tab click the Union button This combines both parts and removes the space that the red part took up to create a door In the Test tab click Play See if your avatar fits.

Simple trick to make GetTouchingParts work with Roblox

Whenever you blow up a building there’d be a lot of lag because so many collisions were happening at once (all of the tapping sounds) That and infinite wait () loops which take up a ton of processing power like collisions Unions remove many of those collisions which will ultimately lead to less lag EDIT Corrected by /u/stravant! 4 level 2.


OverlapParams stores parameters for use with WorldRoot boundaryquerying functions in particular WorldRoot/GetPartBoundsInBox|GetPartBoundsInBox WorldRoot/GetPartBoundsInRadius|GetPartBoundsInRadius and WorldRoot/GetPartsInPart|GetPartsInPart The FilterDescendantsInstances property stores an.

Worked On A Variable Plugin After Seeing The New Plugingui Roblox

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Title Roblox | How To Merge Parts (Unions)In this video you might learn about how to merge parts or more known as unions If This Video Reaches 5 Likes I.

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