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Steamy is the final boss of the Overclocked Event It is the equivalent of The Void and can kill towers Steamy has a brown outfit pure black skin brown hair a steampunk bowler hat and a sawed off shotgun Steamy has very high health but it has weaknesses It does not have a stun ability so take advantage and use Phasers It is not recommended to have summoning towers.


I do not own moderate or help build Tower Battles Tower Battles belongs to Planet3arth only Thank you for reading this Creepypasta You may also need some knowledge of the Tower Battles game to fully understand this Creepypasta This is my first creepypasta and I am not very good at writing them Please leave feedback in the comments because it’ll really support me! This was.

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The DJ Booth is loosely based on the DJ from Tower Battles The DJ Booth plays a certain music track when placed on the map The Neon Rave skin plays a different default music track The vocals in the song are actually from Limb By Limb but slightly edited Before the 25th of November 2019 the Neon Rave skin played Jack O’ Bot’s theme.

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If you do 220 damage it would do 110 If any towers are dealing a damage value with an odd number in the one’s place (Example 27) that odd number will turn into a 0 (27 20) and then halved This zombie is also immune to any kind of effect Ice Fire Stun and Apocalypse Rave It has 5 offensive abilities.

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The DJ is a Support Tower that boosts nearby units and decreases upgrade costs at higher levels but cannot deal damage At level 1 the DJ gives a 15% fire rate boost to all nearby towers A Level 4 DJ will provide a 30% fire rate boost and a 20% upgrade discount There is a limit of two DJs per player The player can customize the songs that the DJ plays if they purchase the DJ Custom.

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